When: 20.10, 2016, 18:00
Where: City of Design Slovenia, former printing plant Mladinska knjiga, Dunajska cesta 123, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Restoration of historic buildings is key indicator of cultural diversity in the world that is becoming increasingly globally monotonous. Modern world often ignores the very local characteristics. Improper refurbishment can destroy the old building, or at least its authenticity. While the correct building renovation rejuvenates buildings and at the same time helps to keep the area inhabited. Modern tourists are attracted by old and authentic architecture. In contrast to the fast lifestyle, they wish to get peace on holiday, tranquility and friendliness; life, like once was.

The exhibition will show examples of good renovation of old traditional Slovenian houses for tourist purposes, which show positive economic and social effects. Since these are small facilities that are privately owned and are scattered, they are particularly vulnerable and often succumb to demolition. By demolition of these buildings, Slovenian countryside is losing its authentic appearance and their inhabitants are losing awareness of their unique identity in globalized world.

Curator: Eva Prelovšek Niemelä

Exhibition and the event are financed by Ministry of Culture of Republic of Slovenia.